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Years of experience is good.
Go a step further by adding fresh attitude-focused training.

Online Truck Driver Training

Training for truck & heavy vehicle driver fleets online

If keeping the drivers of your fleets' mid to heavy vehicles is important to you, then SharpDrive provides the answer.

Occupational Health & Safety requirements which deem a "vehicle" as a place of work, see that organisations' have a duty of care to ensure their drivers are trained in  that workplace.

SharpDrive is the least cost, no fuss, most effective option for organisations wanted to reduce their fleet crash rates, and fulfill health & safety training requirements.

How can you learn to drive a truck online? In a sense you cant. We are not pretending you'll be able to learn how to drive a truck online.

Your drivers should already have their necessary driving license and endorsements prior to undertaking the SharpDrive course.

What we do focus on however, is the attitudes & behaviors a driver has towards driving

Why? Simple. Because statistically that is the leading cause of crashes. Rather than lacking skill, crash stats prove that it's attitudes & behaviors that cause the majority of crashes over lack of driving skill.

SharpDrive's expert driver trainers have put together a course in collaboration with other industry experts to provide an online course focused on attitudes & behaviours of driving, and targeted to drivers of mid to large size trucks.

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Training Modules
  • Bags and Belts
  • Eyes Up Driving
  • Distractions
  • Mobile Phones
  • Road Rage
  • Fatigue
  • Autopilot
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • E-Driving
  • Speed Control (Level 2)
  • Intersections
  • Health
  • Stress
  • How your Vehicle & it's loading affect Dynamics
  • Safe breakdown proceedures
  • Hazard & Risk Reduction
  • Night Driving part 1 - Night Vision
  • Night Driving part 2 - Equipment & Conditions
  • Night Driving part 3 - Hazards
  • Crashes part 1
  • Crashes part 2
  • Crashes part 3

The course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. We do not suggest completing the course in a single sitting. For best results complete the course a few modules at a time, allowing yourself time to absorb the content and put your learning into practice on the road.

Take a free trial today, and see if SharpDrive is the right option for your fleet!