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Driving is the #1 risk for most businesses.
Mitigate it the easy way with SharpDrive.

Corporate Driver Training

Effective Occupational and Health & Safety Compliance

SharpDrive provides effective, low cost compliance with legislatory requirements.

As an employer or manager, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your people have been trained and informed of the hazards associated with their job.

Under legislation, a vehicle is deemed a 'workplace' and therefore if vehicles are used, then driver training is a critical component to any health & safety policy.

SharpDrive is a simple, cost-effective way to fulfill this training duty to your drivers, without paying for expensive classroom based courses or losing days of productivity.

A vehicle is considered a place of work and employees who are mobile are covered by the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (NZ) and/or the OSH


  • Management reporting to view staff progress through the course

  • New staff can be trained before they drive for work – they do not need to wait for the next practical course to become available

  • Assessments ensure that the training is understood;

  • Full audit trail proves that the company has provided training; and the material can be accessed at any time during the subscription

  • Ability to send reminders to staff to ensure training is completed

  • Training can fit around the other staff commitments and so has less impact on productivity compared to training in group situations at set times

"SharpDrive Online training has been key in our overall Driver Safety Programme and since introducing online training and a number of other strategies our accident rate has dropped 18.6% in one year."

Jenny seddon, business services manager, plunket

“I have absolutely no doubt that the insurance claims experience, of a light motor fleet in particular, would improve if all drivers had completed the SharpDrive course.”

Ian Taylor, Commercial Motor Centre of Expertise Manager, Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.)

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