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Driver training isn't limited to a health & safety return.

It also carries a significant financial ROI.

Driver Training Business Case

Investing in SharpDrive driver training programmes can generate significant savings on insurance, fleet running costs and employee productivity.

Insurance – Lowering your crash rate can create significant savings in your insurance premiums. Furthermore, studies show the true cost of vehicle crashes including indirect costs are up to five times the cost of a direct insurance claim.

Fuel savings – The SharpDrive Economy Driving module developed by expert driver trainer Graham Sharp, is focused on fuel efficient driving techniques. Graham’s career highlights include a 24 hour distance driving world record and winning the 2006 EECA Energywise Rally Driver Award.

“I have absolutely no doubt that the insurance claims experience, of a light motor fleet in particular, would improve if all drivers had completed the SharpDrive course.”

Ian Taylor, Commercial Motor Centre of Expertise Manager, Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.)

A vehicle is considered a place of work and employees who are mobile are covered by the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (NZ) and/or the OSH


Most businesses are aware of the direct costs of a road crash in terms of the physical damage to the vehicle which is subject to an insurance claim. However insurance policies only cover a small proportion of the costs of crashes. Costs not included by insurance can include the following, which are subsequently referred to as “indirect” costs:

  • sick-pay;
  • lost productivity and retraining costs for any injured worker;
  • overtime working and temporary labour whilst an injured worker is recuperating;
  • production delays;
  • investigation and other administration time;
  • reduced residual values on repaired vehicles; and
  • legal costs and fines.


"During our two years with SharpDrive nearly 300 employees have completed the SD101 course. We would highly recommend SharpDrive to any companies who wish their staff to be as safe as possible on our roads both in and outside of work while learning in a fun environment."


A vehicle is considered a place of work and employees who are mobile are covered by the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (NZ) and/or the OSH

The statistics surrounding the financial and personal costs of vehicle crashes are staggering:

Along with the far-reaching implications of serious injuries, accidents also cause costly damage to property. In fact, the cost of vehicle crashes are wide ranging, including insurance premiums, excess, loss of value, cost of rental vehicles, injury costs, productivity costs, administrative time and money, regulatory costs — even damage to company image.

By focusing on proven contributors to vehicle crashes, SharpDrive is reducing the human and financial cost of road accidents — and at the same time making fleet management that much easier. Watch this space for updates as our customers’ driver safety monitoring shows continued improvement.

Additional benefits

  • See how much money SharpDrive can save your company in reduced fuel, servicing and wear-and-tear costs — SharpDrive quickly pays for itself.
  • Incorporating SharpDrive driver training into your fleet risk management system may also entitle you to reduced fleet insurance premiums.
  • Your own, tailor-made programme — SharpDrive custom-creates additional modules for driver training that is specific to a company’s needs. Contact us now to discuss a solution that works for you. Your SharpDrive interface can also be branded with your company logo.

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