We’re Your Ideal Partner for
a Safer Fleet of Drivers

Our expertise spans driver safety, training, systems and support - enabling us to deliver a unique and robust online driver training solution. We train safer and sharper drivers.

Our Team is experienced, adaptable and personable

We work with clients across all different industries. Our number one goal is to deliver quality online driver safety training that provides real benefits to both companies and drivers and ultimately gets people home safe.

SharpDrive is Flexible


Our experience with driver safety, training and systems ensures our solution is robust in all areas. Rest assured, when you choose SharpDrive you’re in safe, capable hands!

SharpDrive is Accessible


Every company is different with different needs, that’s why we’re flexible. We listen to what your business requires and provide online driver safety training that supports that.

SharpDrive is Powerful


While online driver safety training is what we provide, at our heart we are a people business. We pride ourselves on understanding your requirements and building long-standing relationships.

Key People

We have three key specialty areas within our team: driver safety, training, systems and support.  
Our expertise and commitment in these areas, enables us to provide Australasia’s sharpest online driver safety training.

Rhys Sullivan

Driver Safety

Rhys Sullivan heads up the Driver Safety function of SharpDrive.  We’re very fortunate to have someone of Rhys’s calibre on our team!

Rhys has been involved in driver safety for more than 20 years and has extensive experience as a driving instructor in both New Zealand and Australia – having trained more than 20,000 drivers!

His entrance into driver training started in 2001 where he was trained in Germany and certified to the International BMW Standard. He was responsible for the design and implementation of driver training programmes for BMW across Australia.

An expert in the practical training sphere, Rhys joined SharpDrive when he saw its value as a leader in the online training space.   While practical training will always have a place, online training is at the forefront for ease and accessibility. Rhys describes SharpDrive as a solution that is not about learning to drive, but instead a course designed to make drivers more aware and improve people’s attitudes to driving.

When working with the team on the content for each module, Rhys is able to put himself in the driver’s seat. He makes sure our training modules include the driver attitude, driver behaviour and driver wellbeing content, as well as bringing his knowledge to target common driving issues such as Braking and Cornering, Emergency Lane Changes, Hazard Perception and Awareness, ABS Brake and Avoidance, Understeer/Oversteer Correction, and Seating and Steering.

Rhys’s ultimate priority is to save lives on our roads!

Kevin Hall


Given SharpDrive is a training solution, making sure the content we produce ticks all the right boxes for effective and engaging training is critical.

That’s where Kevin Wall comes in. He leads the training arm of the business. Kevin has been involved in Health and Safety training for the past 15 years.  

Kevin is the owner of Axiom Training, Category 1 NZQA accredited Private Training Establishment. Axiom Training provides a wide range of driver training and is a NZTA accredited Heavy Vehicle licensing provider.

As well as solid experience within the physical training space, Kevin is also knowledgeable in online training and the benefits it provides.

When it comes to SharpDrive specifically, online training is the ideal platform to target driver awareness, driver behaviour and driver wellbeing.  

Kevin has a clear ethos for the SharpDrive business – a work vehicle is a workplace. Every worker has a right to go home safe to their family at the end of every day. And so, safety drives everything we do.

Kris Elliott

Systems & Support

Our robust learning management system (LMS) provides us with a solid foundation; to ensure you can manage your training efficiently, and to make sure our solution works seamlessly across devices and functions optimally 365 days a year.

Kris Elliott is responsible for our LMS, systems and support team and all those things that magically happen in the background that you don’t see, but which mean your experience with SharpDrive is a positive one.   He has over 15 years’ experience with business process automation, so his skillset is ideal for SharpDrive in delivering streamlined yet effective training.

The team’s main priorities are the set up and integration when you first join SharpDrive, and then ongoing support to you and your drivers when you work through the online driver safety training.  

Kris has clear objectives for SharpDrive for both the employer and the employee. At the employer, workplace level, he sees SharpDrive providing a combination of proactive employer responsibility, as well as helping mitigate risks at work. Whereas for the employees, or the drivers themselves, that after completing a SharpDrive course they will be safer on the roads and get home safe to their families.