Online Driver Training for Safer and Sharper Drivers

We’ve got a range of driver safety courses online that have different focuses, all with the ultimate goal of getting drivers home safe.

Driver Essentials Course

Give your people the essential info to increase driver awareness, driver behaviour and driver wellbeing. This course will improve your drivers’ knowledge of the best driving practices and reduces risks on the road.

Heavy Vehicle Operator (HVO) Safety Awareness Course

There are a number of risks for Heavy Vehicle Operators.  Provide your drivers with the knowledge they need to keep them and others safe on the road with this HVO Safety Awareness course.

Schools Young Driver Course

A robust course designed for Year 12 and 13 students who have their driver’s licence. This course covers key online training modules from the Driver Essentials Course as well as content relating to Road Code topics.

Safety Awareness Plus Course

This course is ideal to do a year after completing the Driver Essentials Course. It includes some key content from the Driver Essentials Course as well as extra online training modules such as Autopilot, E-Driving, Manoeuvring, Stress, Road Rage and more.

New Zealand Driver Course

Designed for the specifics of New Zealand roads. Ideal for immigrant drivers, this course covers online training modules such as intersections, road signs, train crossings, speeding, following distances and more.


Applicable for any course. Refreshers are an ideal way for your people to rewatch the training modules and complete the questionnaires at a later date. This is a great way to keep driver safety top of mind.

Select & Combine, For a Tailor-Made Course!

We’ve got an extensive range of online driver safety training modules that cover areas such as Driver Checks (examples include Belts & Bags, Driver Positions, Tyres & Suspension), Driver Awareness (like Crashes, E-driving, Economy Driving, Hazard & Risk Reduction, Night Driving), Driver Behaviours (examples include Distractions, Eyes Up Driving, Mobile Phones, Road Rage, Speed Control) and Driver Wellbeing (including Fatigue, Stress, Drugs & Alcohol).

If you’re wanting to create a course specifically for your organisation, then please get in contact with us. Simply tell us which online driver training modules you’d like for your corporate driver training, and we’ll combine into one course for you!

What’s Included in our Online Driver Safety Courses:

  • Unlimited course access for 12 months

  • All driver training modules for your course which are concise and interactive

  • A short questionnaire at the end of each module to test understanding

  • A completion certificate which is emailed once all training modules within a course have been completed successfully

  • A hosted, SharpDrive Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Self-service – where the administrator can invite and manage trainees

  • Full reporting suite to track staff progress through the course

  • Ability to send email reminders directly from the portal

  • Phone and email support

Plus, we also offer additional services such as integration with your LMS, personalisation of content and management of the solution for you.

More Details & Pricing Info

Choose the Best Path to Mitigate Risk.

Choose a SharpDrive Online Driver Safety Course

SharpDrive Mitigates Risk
  • The best path to mitigate risk due to driving, is by implementing and enacting on your organisation’s 'safe driving policy'. That’s where we come in.

    SharpDrive is an engaging online fleet driver training solution that will help improve your people’s knowledge of and attitude to driving.

    With a vehicle deemed as a 'workplace' under workplace health and safety legislation, organisations with drivers find themselves exposed to risk if they have not suitably discharged their 'duty of care'.

Our Online Driver Safety Training Courses are Cost Effective, Easy to Implement & Immediately Scalable

The full audit tracking of trainee achievement and certification means your i's are dotted, and t's are crossed.

It’s a uniquely designed innovation in online driver training — with research and development headed by expert driving trainers.

Our training is focused where it counts - attitudes and behaviours of driving. Why? Because statistically that's how the majority of accidents occur - fatigue, stress, mobile phone use, inattention, to name a few.

It improves your drivers' knowledge of the best driving practices and reduces risks on the road. It’s also an ideal catalyst for organisations wishing to lower their fleet running costs, gain effective health and safety compliance and reduce their fleet crash rate.

SharpDrive is deliberately focused on best outcomes, attitudes and behaviours. 

Are you ready to move forward and train a safer and sharper fleet of drivers?