Features of Our Online Driver Safety Training

Our SharpDrive solution is the sharpest online driver safety training in Australasia. Taking a holistic approach, our drive safely online courses, focus on driver awareness, driver behaviour and driver wellbeing to deliver a robust programme, where you’ll definitely notice the results!

SharpDrive is Flexible

Simple Pricing

Choose your course and pay per driver. Easy.

SharpDrive is Accessible

Flexible Solution

We provide courses that work best for your business, not ours.

SharpDrive is Powerful

Expert Team

Our people are personable with excellent experience and knowledge in driver safety, training and online systems.

SharpDrive is Powerful

Support All The Way

We’re here for you when you need us. Just pick up the phone or send us an email.

The Power of SharpDrive

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our online training solution uses a LMS that is simple to use but includes all the core features an administrator is looking for! Our team is proficient in what they do and follow best practice for e-learning.

We’re flexible too – you can use our LMS or we can integrate SharpDrive into your LMS.

Online Drive Safe Training Modules

Our online driver training video modules combine live action demonstrations, first and third person and humorous animated cartoons – this combination has proven to been engaging and successful.


We can also personalise SharpDrive for you by adding your branding and company logo as well as a welcome message from your CEO or Health and Safety Manager. We can also manage the system for you too.

Focus on a Single Topic

Each online driver training module concentrates on one single topic which assists learning and retention and means it’s quick and efficient (less than 5 minutes) to complete each module.

Online Questionnaire

At the end of each driver safety training module, an online questionnaire tests the trainee’s understanding and retention of the topic. Mistakes on the road can have serious, or even fatal consequences which is why the trainee must achieve 100%, all responses correct, before they can proceed to the next module.  

Completion Certificate

Successful graduates of a SharpDrive online driver safety course will receive a certificate with a unique code to prove their completion and knowledge of the relevant driver awareness, driver behaviour, driver wellbeing practices and driving skills.

Admin Portal

The administrator will have access to a portal that has all the core features they need to manage the online driver safety training at their workplace.  Admin features include a simple, straightforward way to invite users (which could include staff and contractors) and a clear user-friendly interface to track and manage the progress of all the trainees.


SharpDrive includes reporting functionality which means you have a full audit trail that provides a record of all your trainees online driver safety training. You can track and monitor progress as well as reporting on completion.

More Driver Essentials Content

Beyond our Driver Essentials Course, our Safety Awareness Plus Course provides new content as well as revisiting some of the key training modules from the Driver Essentials Course. This is ideal     for keeping your people engaged and focused on safe driving. We also have courses specifically for New Zealand Roads and Young Drivers.

If you’re looking for refresher training, you can simply resubscribe and get your people to rewatch the training modules and complete the questionnaires.

Driver Safety Training That Gets Results

SharpDrive online fleet training provides a safer fleet of drivers. By focusing on proven contributors to vehicle accidents, our solution reduces the human and financial costs of road accidents and makes fleet management that much easier.

Our proactive driver safety training for company drivers, not only delivers benefits for the drivers themselves, but for your company too.

Cost Savings

SharpDrive encompasses a 360-degree view so all aspects (driver awareness, driver behaviour and driver wellbeing) are covered. This increased awareness and focus by drivers has knock on effects including cost savings.

Online driver safety training is also the lowest cost way to achieve the best results up-front for your fleet of drivers.

Driving Fleet Safety with Reduction in Events

Companies that have put their drivers through SharpDrive report a reduction in incidents, injuries and near misses. Not only is this better for the safety and protection of your people with lower fleet crash rates, it has less impact on your vehicles as well.  And administration time is saved as a reduction in events means less time spent investigating and reporting.

Increased Worker Productivity

Our online driver safety training can lead to increased worker productivity.  How come, you might ask? Most businesses are aware of the direct costs of a road accident in terms of the physical damage to the vehicle which is subject to an insurance claim. However, insurance policies only cover a small proportion of the costs of crashes. Costs not included by insurance can include the following, which are subsequently referred to as “indirect” costs:

Grows a Strong Driver Safety Culture

You might think to encourage a positive driver safety culture you would need to put your people through a practical driving course. Think again. The majority of road accidents are caused by behavioural issues rather than lack of skill.  

The contributing factors that support the growth of a positive safety culture, from Sharp Drive trainees: