Schools Young Driver Course

The Schools Young Driver course is perfect for Year 12 and 13 students who have their driver’s licence. The robust training provided in this course will set these drivers up for good habits moving forward.

Schools Young Driver Course Training Modules

The Schools Young Drivers course consists of online training modules that cover the core components from the Driver Essentials Course (driver safety elements of driver awareness, driver behaviour and driver wellbeing) as well as Road Code topics.

SharpDrive Distractions Module


A major factor in an estimated 25% of all crashes, distractions come in many forms, sometimes occurring suddenly, sometimes slowly taking over your attention. Learn practical ways you can avoid contributing to this statistic.

SharpDrive Economy Driving Module

Loose Objects

A handbag or briefcase might one day threaten your life. People get killed or seriously injured in otherwise survivable crashes by objects inside their vehicles. Discover the checklist you should go through to ensure your car doesn’t turn into a lethal weapons arsenal in a crash.

SharpDrive Conclusion Module

Eyes Up Driving

To stay fully aware of everything going on around you while you’re driving, you need to scan in a systematic cycle. Learn the #1 expert driving secret, known to all professionals from truck drivers to racing drivers.

SharpDrive Eyes Up Driving Module

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and cars don’t mix — no, not even hands-free. Discover why these ubiquitous tools are so dangerous, and the best tips to sharply reduce risk without completely cutting yourself off from the modern world.

SharpDrive Mobile Phones Module


Driver fatigue is one of the hidden killers on our roads. Learn how to recognise the signs of fatigue and the onset of its result, drowsiness, how to avoid it from occurring, and what to do if you do experience it while driving.

SharpDrive Night Driving Module

Drugs and Alcohol

The law is one thing. Safety is another - the law does not tell you whether you’re fit to drive, only whether it is legal for you to drive. Learn the pitfalls of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol - even legal prescription drugs - and the best strategy for staying safe.

SharpDrive Fatigue Module

Speed Control

Does driving faster really get you there any sooner? The truth might surprise you. A speed is safe when you allow for the driving conditions and can stop in the visible distance ahead. Discover the factors that affect these two crucial safety measures, and the influence they have - separately, and in combination - on your safety and your fuel consumption.

SharpDrive Drugs and Alcohol Module


Intersection crashes are the third most common cause of road deaths and serious injuries. Find out the leading causes of intersection crashes, and learn the skills that will keep you and other road users safe.

SharpDrive Speed Control Module

Railway Safety

You need to be very careful around railway crossings to avoid having a serious or fatal crash. Learn about the road markings, structures and signs around railway crossings and the do’s and don’ts. Remember it’s best to arrive home safely, rather than quickly.

SharpDrive Intersections Module

Teen Passengers

Driving with passengers is a dangerous distraction for newly licensed teen drivers.A number of critical errors can occur when driving with passengers. Learn more about these errors and what your responsibilities are as a driver and as a passenger.

SharpDrive Emergency Stop Module

Following Distance

The distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you is the following distance. Keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front will give you enough time to stop, especially if you need to stop suddenly. Find out more about safe following distances and why they are important.

SharpDrive Tyres and Suspensions Module

Night Driving

Night driving comes with many additional risks and hazards. Driving at night makes it harder to see, so your reaction times are reduced, therefore the chance of road accidents are higher.  Learn what you need to do to stay safe when driving at night.

SharpDrive Intersections Module

Crashes – Internal Risk Factors

A road crash is not an accident – it happens because of the way a driver reacts when faced with a hazardous situation.   The 16 to 24 year old age group are the most at risk of injury or death particularly during the first two years of driving. Learn more about internal risk factors that can lead to crashes and what factors make up a good driver.

SharpDrive Emergency Stop Module

Bags and Belts

Car accessories not fashion accessories! You’ll discover the different types of airbags, their function and how they can save lives.  Also, the importance of wearing a seatbelt and its relationship with airbags. You’ll also learn valuable tips to minimise injury.

SharpDrive Tyres and Suspensions Module

Road Signs

Road or traffic signs help inform you of situations about to happen while driving.  This training module covers the three categories of road signs: compulsory signs, hazard warning signs and information signs.

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