Heavy Vehicle Operator (HVO) Safety Awareness Course

Due to the nature of the job and the number of risks involved, a Heavy Vehicle Operator has essential driver responsibilities. This course will ensure your drivers adopt good practices and have safety awareness top of mind!

HVO Safety Awareness Course Training Modules

The Heavy Vehicle Operator Safety Awareness course consists of seven online training modules that cover driver wellbeing and essential actions to ensure the safety of the driver and the load they are carrying.

SharpDrive HVO - Driver Fatigue Module

Driver Fatigue

When driving a heavy vehicle, driver fatigue is quite common. Often drivers have to travel for long hours and work night shifts. Learn what causes fatigue, the effects and how to minimise driver fatigue.

SharpDrive HVO - Drugs & Alcohol Module

Drugs and Alcohol

Heavy Vehicle Operators needs to be alert and able to assess where the next hazard comes from. Drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs will have a direct influence on your driving. Explore the pitfalls of driving under the influence and the best strategy for staying safe.

SharpDrive HVO - Vehicle Prechecks Module

Vehicle Prechecks

Regular pre trip inspections of your vehicle are essential for minimising vehicle risk and can even save lives. Learn what’s involved in the precheck of your vehicle as well as of you the driver, to make sure you’re safe to drive.

SharpDrive HVO - Load Planning Module

Load Planning

Planning the load can have lots of advantages. Discover the importance of load placement, customer requirements and risk assessment and the impacts if these are not implemented correctly.

SharpDrive Mobile Phones Module

Restraining Loads (Part 1)

Heavy Vehicle Operators are required to ensure the load on their vehicle is securely restrained and within the permitted dimensions and weight limitations. Explore what restraint and restraint method should be used, based on the load and vehicle. Also discover the impact of not securely a load safely.

SharpDrive Night Driving Module

Restraining Loads (Part 2)

When operating heavy vehicles there are many different types of equipment used to restrain loads. Learn about the types of equipment, how to do safety checks on the equipment and how to restrain the load.

SharpDrive HVO - Logbook Module

Log Book

Driving continuously for hours every day will eventually lead to driver fatigue. Log books not only help you and your employer meet the legal requirements as a driver, it helps you keep track of your hours, reduce fatigue and driving accidents. Learn more about log books and driver responsibilities.

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