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Majority of crashes are caused by attitude & behavioural issues vs. lack of skill

Online or Practical Driver Training?

Focusing on the key issue

Very few incidents occur due to drivers lacking skill.

Studies prove that the majority of incidents are attitude and behaviour based (e.g. fatigue, inattention, auto-pilot, over-confidence etc.).

It goes without saying then that an effective driver training program, whether online training or practical, must focus on attitude and behaviours to have impact.

SharpDrive is deliberately focused toward's best outcomes - attitudes and behaviours. 

This is the reason our clients experience drastically improved outcomes from implementing SharpDrive training.


  1. Immediate - Drivers can be trained prior to receiving the car keys as opposed to waiting until the next practical course is available.
  2. Scalable - entire fleets can be trained in a matter of days.
  3. Consistent - drivers receive the same quality training each and every time.
  4. Timing - Drivers can complete the training in their downtime - or as it suits.
  5. Any time, any place, any device.


SharpDrive partners with a number of practical driver trainers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Some of our clients provide only online driver training across their entire fleets.

Others may provide SharpDrive as a baseline for their entire fleet, and bring in practical components for smaller groups or certain skill areas - such as for repeat offenders, or for those requiring specialist skills such as off-road training.

Either way, Online is the lowest cost way to achieve the best results up-front. From there, practical training can be the icing on the cake.


The facts dont lie - 92% of SharpDrive's previous course participants say that SharpDrive has made them a safer driver.

But not only do previous participants say they are safer, the stats back it up - take a look at our most up-to-date outcomes on the company home page showing the drastic reduction in crashes that our clients experience across their fleets.


If you'd like practical components included within your driver training solution, help is near.

Our practical driving partners across Australia and New Zealand are the best in the business.

Contact us and we'll help find the answer that's just right for you.

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