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"We recommend SharpDrive as the best in-class online driver training solution on the market today."

Ian Taylor, National Manager Commercial Motor, NZI | Lumley Insurance .

Fleet online driver training

What is SharpDrive?

SharpDrive is an engaging online driver training system that will help improve your people’s knowledge of and attitude to driving. The short, interactive programme is a proactive way you can help keep your business and your drivers safe.

SharpDrive is proven to drastically reduce crash rates.

Since commercial drivers are on the road for twice as long as everyone else, it’s not surprising that 50% of all crashes are work related. By reducing the number of road incidents your people are involved in, you’ll be saving on legal costs and fines, sick pay, production delays, damage to your reputation and insurance costs. You’ll also be setting the standard for commercial drivers, and helping to make our roads safer for everyone.

"SharpDrive Online training has been key in our overall Driver Safety Programme and since introducing online training and a number of other strategies our accident rate has dropped 18.6% in one year."

Jenny seddon, business services manager, plunket

Reduction in Crashes.

Further UK research has found that “company car drivers covered twice as many miles as ordinary drivers and had a 50% increased chance of having an accident when differences in demographic and exposure variables have been allowed for.”1 This suggests that bad attitudes are a key problem, which is what the SharpDrive program is focused on.

1. “Reducing at-work road traffic accidents,” The Work-related Road Safety Task Group, page 22. 

Why implementation of SharpDrive’s SD101 is the least-cost option for securing compliance under the HSE Act in provision of driver training.

E-learning with SharpDrive has the following benefits:

  • always available, 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • training can fit around the other staff commitments and so has less impact on productivity compared to training in group situations at set times
  • lower costs in that staff (and/or the trainers) do not need to travel to (or be accommodated in) a central location for training;
  • everyone learns at their own pace, no classroom;
  • lessons can be reviewed as many times as possible;
  • new staff can be trained before they drive a company vehicle – they do not need to wait for the next “course” to become available;
  • assessments ensure that the training is understood;
  • a full audit trail proves that the company has provided appropriate training; and the material can be accessed again at no extra charge for one fixed annual fee – all evidence is that training needs to be “topped up” and refreshed to remain effective.

SharpDrive's efectiveness as a defensive driving course has been assessed by experts and tested by real users:

“I have absolutely no doubt that the insurance claims experience, of a light motor fleet in particular, would improve if all drivers had completed the SharpDrive course.”

Ian Taylor, Commercial Motor Centre of Expertise Manager, Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.)

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