Driver Essentials Course Provides Benefits to Your Business and Your Drivers

Does your business involve employees and contractors driving for work? Have your drivers received any training on driver safety? Could you be doing more to reduce this workplace safety risk?

Give your drivers the essential information they need to increase driver awareness, driver behaviour and driver wellbeing. Our online driving safety course called Driver Essentials does just that. It focuses where it counts - attitudes and behaviours of driving. Why? Because statistically that's how the majority of accidents occur - fatigue, mobile phone use, inattention, to name a view.

As well as the benefits to both you and your drivers from doing such a course (which we'll discuss soon), a work vehicle is deemed a workplace in New Zealand and Australia. This means you have a legal responsibility (as well as a moral obligation) to make sure your drivers have been trained and informed of the hazards associated with their job, in this case driving.  

Our Driver Essentials course consists of 15 online training modules (some examples include driver position, eyes up driving, loose objects, distractions, mobile phone, driver fatigue) which will improve your drivers’ knowledge of the best driving practices and reduces risks on the road.

Key Benefits for Your Business and Your Drivers

The Driver Essentials Course has a number of benefits including:

Efficiency - this course is cost effective, easy to implement and immediately scalable.

Accessibility - the course is available online anytime, anywhere on any device.

Effective Solution - the training modules are short, relevant and engaging using the best training practices, which cater for a range of learning styles. There’s also a questionnaire at the end of each module to check the driver’s understanding.

Well supported - the course is hosted on our robust and secure Learning Management System (LMS) or we can integrate into your LMS.

Cost Savings - you'll have safer, sharper more economical drivers. Reduced fuel, maintenance, repair and wear and tear costs. Also, by adopting this programme you may get reduced fleet insurance premiums.

Reduction in accidents - safer drivers mean a reduction of incidents, injuries and near misses. This means less impact on your vehicles and less administrative time in event investigation and reporting.

Increased worker productivity - as your drivers are less likely to need time of work due to injury or accidents caused by driving.

Builds a strong driver safety culture - the course will naturally increase your drivers awareness, behaviours, hazard identification and risk management, resulting in positive driving skills.

The Driver Essentials Course takes a proactive, holistic approach to fleet driver safety training. This driver safety programme for your employees will reduce risk, provide savings and create safer drivers.

Want to take our online Driver Essentials Course for a test drive? Then contact us today for a free demo.