Good Decision Making is Critical at Intersections

Did you know that intersection crashes are one of the most common causes of road deaths and serious injuries?

Here we explore the leading causes of such crashes and what skills will help you as a driver, and other road users, stay safe on the roads.

An intersection is any place where at least two streets or roads join or cross. And there are road rules specifically for intersections.These rules for intersections also apply in carparks, business entrance ways and private driveways and any place where shared paths or cycle-only paths join each other or a road.

The three main causes of intersection accidents are:

·      Not checking properly

·      Not stopping or giving way and

·      Travelling too fast / speeding. Although given intersection crashes often involve side impact, even low speed intersection crashes can have severe or even fatal consequences.

Your safety at intersections is determined by good decision making. That’s why 'Intersections' is an online training module within our Driver Essentials and Young Driver courses.Kevin Wall, Managing Director of SharpDrive explains "It's critical drivers are aware of all the factors that make up good decision making. When it comes to intersections, a driver's decision-making skills could be a matter of life or death. Our online driver safety training on intersections takes the driver through these factors and also highlights things to look out for".

Ask yourself honestly, when you approach an intersection do you always follow the road code, or are you sometimes in a rush or is your mind elsewhere? Have you ever thought, "That was close, I looked but didn't see that vehicle/cyclist/pedestrian?"Make sure you keep up to date with the current road rules and stay alert at all times.

Never underestimate the role decision making has when driving, particularly at intersections.And remember, don't let time pressures or other drivers push you into taking risks. You are the driver and responsible for your actions.

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